Album Review: Matthewdavid – Outmind

Matthewdavid is a rare gem in this growing abyss of Ableton based Akai driven electronic hip hop influenced bass rattling music. Although the music you’ll hear on his debut LP Outmind is built around that foundation it pushes further into the realms of unpredictability and unnatural reactions. As you analyze what’s happening here, you realize that it’s basically one big middle finger to the normal laws of nature, science, and music creation. I liken it to the comparison between our realities defined by space and time and the sub-atomic experience where everything becomes ridiculously unpredictable. The album is a collection of various field recordings, highly effected samples, instruments – electronic and organic, vocals, and I’m guessing a vast collection of sounds sourced from vintage cassettes and vinyl recordings all carefully arranged into one mind blowing listening experience. Although things can get a bit much when you’re dealing with a super complex production such as this, Matthewdavid manages to stick to the basic core of great music. A spacious 3D sound field, catchy melodies with plenty of bass and crunch contribute to this intricate work of sound design and audio experimentation. Audiophiles will be left shitting their pants from excitement. This album was made to listen all the way through so don’t skimp on the full experience. Find a quiet corner and let your mind go free. Finding stand out tracks is difficult because every track can’t be called a non-favorite. Although my own personal top choice would be Like You Mean It and luckily you can hear it below.

As an artist he has made a lasting impact here in Los Angeles. His experience stems from his work with Plug Research, dublab, Alpha Pup Records, Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder, and now his own label Leaving Records. He curates interesting shows such as Simple Pleasures where instead of viewing art work, you get to listen to collages of sounds he crafted and plays them for you through looping tape players and headphones hung on the walls. He is one of the first artists I know to make a push on cassette releases which is a highly appreciated medium. Like vinyl it can lend a nice gooey analog sounding listening experience. He’s played numerous shows including Low End Theory LA and SF and most recently a show with Mount Kimbie. This is only the beginning for Matthewdavid so be on the look out for the album Outmind which will be released through Brainfeeder on April 19, 2011.

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