Deftune Podcast: DAVID VANGEL


We reconvene once again for the latest Deftune Podcast brought to you by special guest David Vangel. He has an upcoming album due out on October 1st and you can hear one of the tracks in his mix set. Here are some words from the man himself:

“A mix of older and newer songs, no theme, just good feels.
Some beats, some hiphop, lil’ rap, lil’ singing, lots of bump, loads of boom.
Also happy to be sharing “Little Machinery” from my upcoming jazz/hiphop ep:
BNAPTH, out on Oct.1st on 5&1/4 Records.”

Track List:

Lapalux – Strangling You with the Cord
Sohn – The Prestige
David Vangel – Little Machinery
El-P – How to Serve Man
Prefuse73 – Digan Lo
edIT – Ants
edIT – Twenty Minutes
Joe Pass – A Time for Us
Robot Koch – Hard To Find
Lorn – What’s The Use
EL-P – Lab Rat Bravely Escapes On Hovercraft Only To Crash Directly Outside of Gates
Cannibal Ox – Vein
B-Ju – Soja Extra
The Roots – Radio Daze (feat. Blu, P.O.R.N., Dice Raw)
Tidy Kid – Smell
Gravediggaz – Bang Your Head
Homeboy Sandman – Angels With Dirty Faces
DdayOne – Distant Memory
FunkDoobiest – Let Em Know
Suicidal Tendencies – Nobody Hears

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