Listen To A Preview Of Perera Elsewhere’s Full-Length Album Everlast

perera elsewhere

There’s a certain holiness about the way Perera Elsewhere‘s vocals and lyrics sit. The words “soul churning” and “life changing” come to mind, but there’s also a sensual, mysterious, and sultry side that presents itself from within the darker aspects of her music. Aside from that observation, the most obvious quality is the beauty and refinement which points itself out in just the first two singles. I can compare the listening experience to soul searching during a sunset, or peering out from a mountain top while experiencing the subtle complexity that nature delivers and you immediately realize that there’s some sort of profound truth waiting to be discovered if you’re willing to keep searching for it. Well, keep listening for it and you’ll find it. Perera Elsewhere’s full length album Everlast is due out on October 23, 2013 but you can pre-order now.


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