Discover Logan Hyde – Innocence

Logan Hyde - Innocence

Logan Hyde takes a moment away from various collaborations such as one with Trevor Powers to complete a solo album titled Innocence. The album strays far away from the washed out chilled sounds of Youth Lagoon and comes at you with a more direct approach. The clarity, warmth, energy and sheer honesty bolsters a sense of solidarity and invokes a feeling of welcomeness as if one were being invited into the man’s home. The tone I believe has more of a psychedelic leaning. Tame Impala definitely came to mind but Logan’s work comes with more of a refined approach with plenty of sweet distortion to taste. Check out a stream of the track Mozart below which is my personal favorite but be sure to check out the rest on Bandcamp and support.


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Discover H∆NCOCK – New Animal

james hancock new animal

H∆NCOCK’s beautifully produced album New Animal takes us beyond genres and we experience a futuristic blend of evolving textures, heart felt emotions and experimental sounds. From beginning to end it’s difficult not to imagine an animated version of the cover art coming alive in sync to his music. I also find it impossible to skip or play the tracks out of order as one can’t seem to be without the others. The supremely talented Leonita lends her voice as the final touch to this enigmatic masterpiece. The album is available now in high definition digital formats and will be on a limited number of CDs.

“New Animal”

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Discover Julien Mier – Out Of The Cloud

julienmier outoftheclouds

I’ve always been a fan of Julien Mier’s music. There’s always something refreshing and honest about his work that leads to some kind of inspiration and positive energy. It gives me confidence that everything in the world will be alright. I believe he has reached a pinnacle in his production skills. Every track on Out Of The Cloud is on point and worth the listen. It’s available on vinyl and high definition digital formats.

Check out this great story about the making of the album:

“Out Of The Cloud is some sort of full circle for me. It’s a
disclosure from the last EP when we moved from the house next to
thejunkyard and a fabric that made coffins (from the period I
wroteJane’s Junkyard.) We moved to a village at the border of
the Veluwe(Wenum-Wiesel.) I grew up in a similar village near
the dunes at the other side of the country, so returning to nature
has become a returning point to truly realize where I come from.

In 2013, my girlfriend and me owned a cat that ran away from our
house next to the junkyard and never got back. After her disappearing
we picked up a brother and sister cat from our local animal shelter
that we called Sketch (named after the numerous brown, black and
red dots and stripes on her back.) and Storm (as he’s completely
black with a couple of white spots, looking like thunder.) These are
the cats that are featured on the album cover. The week before we
would move to our cabin in the woods, our cat Sketch got injured.
She crawled under a barbed wire fence and receiving a serious injury. During her recovery we moved and nearly escaped from our
villain landlord that destroyed our mailbox and stole our mail that was in it. It was a dark period that can be found on Jane’s Junkyard.

This mini-album, being an anchor point for a new timeframe, started
on the yard where we live now. The place is like an island in a
forest with a few other people living on it. It has been an old rural farm, with plenty of space to grow our own vegetables and find eggs.
We enjoy the company of two gooses, a horse, a total of 7 cats,
2 guard dogs and a crazy amount of chickens walking over the place.
Out Of The Cloud is the transition between leaving all the bad things behind and moving on.

Finally in nature again, finding peace, tranquility and balance in our
lives. The isolation confronted me a lot for who I am. This mini-album
is a metaphor for escaping and leaving super dense urban areas and enjoying and accepting the great wide open.”

“Out Of The Cloud”

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Discover Thrupence – Lessons (Originals Mixtape 4)


Thrupence recently released his latest collection of work on a limited supply of 12” vinyl which has unfortunately sold out, but you can still grab high quality FLAC or digital media of your choice. This is some of the best instrumental/beat music you’ll hear so get it now on Bandcamp.


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Fish Fingers

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Discover Yo$hwa – Sweet Solar System


This entire album from Yo$hwa is fire. That is all. Just drop what you’re doing, get this album and vibe out.

Homeward (Ft. Bcray&Ace) (Prod. Ckeelay)

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Problem Child (Ft. Kylie Gary) (Prod. Ckeelay)

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Discover goonfish. – Sushi Tapes EP

goonfish sushi tape

Released earlier this year, goonfish.’s Sushi Tapes EP takes you on a timeless musical journey. Pick up this chilled out six track collection of beats and let your soul melt into pieces.


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Listen To Ghostly Swim 2 – Various Artists


It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 6 years since the release of Ghostly Swim, a timeless compilation that continues to inspire me to this day. Ghostly, wrapping up 15 years as a one of the truly great sources of ground breaking music treats its listeners well by continuing to go over and beyond whats expected once again with this amazing follow up. Go ahead and download Ghostly Swim 2. Its simply breathtaking. Here’s to another 15 years.

Nautiluss – “Lonely Planet”

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Download Ghostly Swim 2

Discover Tangerine Avenue – Strangers Of Necessity

tangerine avenue

This album is a certified banger. Tangerine Avenue isn’t obnoxiously loud and PR’d to the point of spam folder status type of banger, but chilled out and brimming with quality beats by CoryaYo accompanied by inspiring lyrical content and delivery from Fooch The MC. Strangers of Necessity flew under my radar for a bit but hopefully it doesn’t yours. If you’ve been yearning for that soulful, grimy, deep intellectual vibe of golden age hip hop with a bit of progressive overtones, this is for you.


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Purchase Tangerine Avenue

Discover Ana-Tole – Heartspank EP


Claire Courchene, a multi-instrumentalist (jazz trombone / cello) / artist from London brings abounding talent to the welcoming arms of a diverse Los Angeles landscape. On the debut EP of Ana-Tole, she teams up with Jonah Christian of Joomanji to create an equally dynamic range of texture and emotion. Heartspank skillfully transcends time and genre without breaking your concentration. Just enjoy and listen closely as they impart melodic abstraction through various instruments and head nodding inducing beats, you might just might hear something life changing.



Discover Persian Empire – Mongo Maracuja


Check out the EP Mongo Maracuja from Persian Empire. You get nothing but good vibes and a bit of nostalgia after hearing some vaguely familiar sample bits shine through this chill four track production. The album is available now in high quality audio formats on Cosmonostro.

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Discover Bläp Dëli – Ballet Happiness EP


Pragmatic Theory and Bläp Dëli join forces to bring you an optional free album download titled Ballet Happiness EP. I wanted to share two of my favorite tracks off the EP which you can listen to below. The album is available now for download on Bandcamp. Enjoy!


Audio MP3

Touching Glass

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Discover Flamingosis / A Sol Mechanic – Brother EP


Rootnote and Stereocure, two of the latest in forward thinking music collectives/record labels teamed up to deliver a beautiful collab project from Flamingosis (Rootnote) and A Sol Mechanic (Stereocure). These four tracks take me back to the classic sample based beat music a la J Dilla but they blend a futuristic approach without ever compromising on quality and emotional impact. If you enjoy chill vibes and beat music, this one is for you. Brother EP is out now.