Discover Bells and Robes – One Should See Sound Pt. II


Bells and Robes is not what I’d expect in a typical group or solo artist in the electronic music scene, and that’s a good thing. They’ve shared their sound on stage with with acts such as Beats Unique, Emancipator, Odezsa plus many more, and they put on quite a show. Their unique music is what I would describe as a journey through sound, forever evolving with a gamut of musical ideas ripe with emotions and colors. Their latest album One Should See Sound Pt. II is a testament to their musical taste and there is no skimping on quality here. The entire album was mixed through a fully analog Solid State Logic console and professionally mastered at Cosmic Zoo Studio. This isn’t an album you can just skip through. Get the full effect and listen through its entirety. Your mind, body and soul will thank you. The album is available now for free download on Soundcloud.


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“Neurofeedback Ft. Wilson Stern”

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